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There's something magical about smoked eel, with its silky texture and uniquely rich and smoky flavour. Our eel is sourced from local waters and carefully smoked using traditional methods. We at Jarvis the Fishmonger are dedicated to maintaining the high quality and superior taste our customers expect. Experience the rich and smoky flavour of eel by ordering from Jarvis The Fishmonger. For those seeking a culinary adventure, Smoked Eel is a must-try. Read more details about the Smoked Eel:

History/Prestige of Smoked Eel

Smoked eel has been a part of various cuisines for centuries, especially in European countries like the Netherlands and the UK, where it's considered a traditional delicacy.

Known for its rich and complex flavours, the smoked eel has always been highly valued as a culinary ingredient by renowned chefs across the globe.

What Are the Flavour Notes of Smoked Eel?

Smoked eel has a unique and intense flavour. It's known for its richness and creamy texture, with smoky undertones that make it an exquisite gastronomic delight.

Besides the distinct smoky flavour, it also carries hints of sweetness, adding an intriguing balance to its overall profile.

What Pairs Well With Smoked Eel?

  • To accentuate its unique taste, consider pairing it with sharp contrasts such as horseradish or beetroot. Our recipes make pairings easy!
  • For a wine accompaniment, a full-bodied white such as Chardonnay or a light and crisp sparkling wine would complement the richness of the smoked eel.

Where Is Smoked Eel Sourced?

  • The eels for smoking are primarily sourced from clean, fresh waters of European regions like the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, and Denmark.
  • In Asia, especially Japan, locally sourced freshwater eels are often used to create a smoked variety known as Unagi.

Our Sustainability Practices

  • We are committed to using eel sourced from sustainable fisheries and participating in responsible practices like maintaining a healthy eel population, maintaining water cleanliness, and reducing carbon footprints.

Unique Selling Points of Smoked Eel

  • The complex, multi-layered taste of smoked eel provides a unique culinary experience.
  • The process of smoking eel itself is a fascinating traditional practice. This intricate and time-honoured method enhances the overall flavour of the fish and imparts a rich, smoky taste that sets it apart from other seafood.
  • The presence of high Omega-3 content in eels makes them not only tasty but also healthy.

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