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Cod Cheeks are a culinary delight. This lesser-known delicacy hails from the South West England waters, packed with robust flavour. They have a richer, denser flavour, thanks to the muscles the fish uses to manoeuvre its jaws. Cod cheeks are prized for their sweet, delicate flavour and tender, succulent texture, which makes them a delicious addition to a variety of dishes, for specific recipes check out our recipes page. Whether breaded and deep-fried, pan-fried with butter and garlic, or incorporated into stews and soups, the unique flavour and versatility of cod cheeks cannot be denied.

History/Prestige of Cod Cheeks

  • Cod Cheeks, once seen as waste and discarded by fishmongers, have become highly sought-after delicacies in recent years due to their unique texture and flavour.
  • Throughout history, Cod Cheeks have been treasured by North Atlantic fishing communities, as they deliver the best texture and sweetness from the entire fish.

What Are the Flavour Notes of Cod Cheeks?

  • Cod Cheeks are exceptionally tender and sweet, offering a slight taste of the sea.
  • Unlike the firm texture of a fillet, Cod Cheeks have a soft, succulent, almost gelatinous quality, reminiscent of scallops.

What Pairs Well With Cod Cheeks?

  • Cod Cheeks pair beautifully with simple flavours, such as a light squeeze of lemon or a dash of black pepper.
  • They also complement rich sauces, wine reduction and sautéed vegetables without overpowering them.
  • Sautéed, they take on a sweet flavour that pairs excellently with simple sides such as chips or mash.

Where Are Cod Cheeks Sourced?

  • Our Cod Cheeks are responsibly sourced from the icy waters of the North Atlantic, primarily from areas around Norway and Iceland.
  • We collaborate with local fishermen, upholding traditional methods of fishing to ensure top-quality produce.

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Suppliers only catch mature Cod, giving younger ones a chance to reach sexual maturity and continue the species.
  • By selling Cod Cheeks, we utilise more of the fish, which promotes zero-waste practices and is a testament to our commitment towards sustainability.

Unique Selling Points of Our Cod Cheeks

  • Each batch of our Cod Cheeks is carefully inspected and prepared by skilled fishmongers, promising excellent quality in each package.
  • By purchasing our Cod Cheeks, customers support traditional fishing communities and sustainable practices, contributing towards the well-being of our oceans.

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Our cod is harvested from the prosperous seas surrounding the Cornish coast. Jarvis The Fishmonger ensures the supply of only the freshest cod cheeks for its customers, usually available for pickup or delivery within 2-4 days. Whether it’s home delivery you require in the London region or a trip to our fish counter is more to your liking, we’re here for you from Tuesday to Saturday. We stock more than just seafood. Our inventory includes a fantastic array of cheeses, poultry, game, accompanying sauces, seasonal treats, and kitchen tools. Get in touch with us now to find out our latest stock details!