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Indulge in the rich history and prestige of Cornish Pollock from Jarvis the Fishmonger. This delectable choice has nutritional benefits akin to salmon, tuna, and cod. Our line-caught Pollock Fillets are not just a delicious option but a wholesome source of lean protein, low in saturated fat, and packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, phosphorous, and selenium. All of our pollock fillets are sourced from the prime fishing regions of Cornwall and Devon, guaranteeing you high quality and fresh product, often ready for pickup or delivery within 2-4 days. Explore the unique characteristics of Cornish Pollock:

History/Prestige of Cornish Pollock Fillets

  • Harvested in the pristine waters of Cornwall
  • A centuries-old culinary tradition celebrated for its exceptional taste and quality

What Are the Flavour Notes of Cornish Pollock Fillets?

  • Delicate and mild flavour profile
  • Tender, flaky texture that melts in your mouth

What Pairs Well With Cornish Pollock Fillets?

  • Perfect for a classic fish and chips dish
  • Complements well with citrus-infused marinades. Check out our recipes for more inspiration.

Where Are Cornish Pollock Fillets Sourced?

  • Sourced from the bountiful waters of Cornwall, UK
  • Our commitment to quality ensures a fresh and authentic taste

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Line-caught to minimise environmental impact
  • Supportive of local fisheries and sustainable fishing practices

Unique Selling Points of Our Cornish Pollock Fillets

  • Hand-selected for premium quality
  • Individually frozen for freshness and convenience

Cornish Pollock Fillets Available for Pickup or Delivery

For those who appreciate fine seafood, Jarvis The Fishmonger presents the delightful Cornish Pollock fillets. Aside from this popular delicacy, our shop located in Kingston upon Thames, London, stocks cheeses, poultry, game, sauces, and seasonal accompaniments, in addition to our abundant seafood offerings. Contact us today if you have questions regarding our range's availability and pricing. We are open for your service from Tuesday to Saturday. Keep in touch to stay informed about our fresh seafood availability in London.