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Well-loved for its flaky texture and mild taste, cod has long been a staple of British cuisine. Sourced from the frigid, pristine waters around the UK, the line-caught Cod fillet is renowned for its sweet and delicate flavour profile that seafood enthusiasts crave. Jarvis The Fishmonger proudly sources its cod from responsible fishing practices, offering you only line-caught cod fillets from the pristine waters around the British Isles. We pride ourselves in providing seafood of superior freshness and quality, and our cod fillets are no exception. Perfectly suited for baking, grilling, or frying, the possibilities with cod fillet are truly endless. Explore how this traditional fish continues to provide a superior dining experience:

History/Prestige of Line-Caught Cod Fillets

  • Cod has been a staple in British cuisine for centuries, enjoyed for its versatility and mild taste.
  • Considered a symbol of quality, line-caught cod is associated with traditional and sustainable fishing practices.

What Are the Flavour Notes of Cod Fillets?

  • Boasts a mild, flaky texture and a clean, sweet flavour that makes it a favourite in a variety of culinary applications.
  • The line-caught method enhances the natural taste of cod, ensuring a premium dining experience.

What Pairs Well With Cod Fillets?

  • Ideal for classic fish and chips, showcasing its delicate flavour and tender texture.
  • Perfectly complements lemon, dill, and capers, enhancing its natural taste. Find unique recipes on our recipes page!

Where Are Line-Caught Cod Fillets Sourced?

  • Responsibly sourced from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic, guaranteeing freshness and quality.
  • The line-caught method ensures minimal impact on the marine environment and supports sustainable fishing practices.

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Jarvis The Fishmonger is committed to sourcing line-caught cod from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
  • By choosing line-caught cod, you are contributing to the preservation of fish populations and the health of the ocean.

Unique Selling Points of  Our Cod Fillets

  • Our line-caught cod fillets are hand-selected by experienced fishmongers, ensuring you receive the finest quality.
  • With a convenient online ordering system, you can enjoy the premium taste of line-caught cod fillets delivered to your doorstep in London.

Exploring Our Wide Assortment: More Than Just Seafood

At Jarvis The Fishmonger, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable, high-quality Cod fillets, ensuring an excellent meal experience each time. Cod fillets are usually available for pickup or delivery within 2-4 days. Whether you’re in London or elsewhere in the country, enjoy our speedy and reliable delivery service, or choose to pick up your order directly from our fish counter. Besides fish and seafood, we also carry an assortment of poultry, game, sauces, seasonal sides, cheeses, and kitchenware. Reach out to see what’s currently available!