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Referred to as the gladiator of the sea, the Swordfish is admired for its fearless spirit. The firm and hearty taste of swordfish steaks makes them an international delicacy. Our hand-cut, quality swordfish steaks at Jarvis the Fishmonger are freshly flown in from Panama. These can be enjoyed with a brush of oil and scattered with herbs for a grill or BBQ treat. Our swordfish steaks are usually ready for pickup or delivery within 2-4 days. Explore the unique characteristics of Swordfish Steaks:

History/Prestige of Swordfish Steaks 

  • Swordfish, known scientifically as Xiphias gladius, is highly regarded as a trophy fish among sports fishermen due to its size and fighting spirit.
  • Due to its high demand and price in many global markets, swordfish holds a certain prestige in culinary circles. The quality of its meat, as well as its versatility in cooking, make it a staple in gourmet cuisine. For a truly luxurious meal, check out our recipes page.

What Are the Flavour Notes of Swordfish Steaks?

  • Swordfish steaks are known for their rich, meaty taste. Its flavour profile can be compared to that of tuna, but it is generally milder and sweeter.
  • The texture is also unique, with swordfish steaks often being compared to veal or beef steak because of their firm yet tender consistency.

What Pairs Well With Swordfish Steaks?

  • Given its meaty taste, swordfish goes well with strong flavours such as garlic and lemon and herbs such as rosemary and thyme.
  • Wine-wise, pair swordfish with a medium-bodied white wine such as Chardonnay or a light red such as Pinot Noir.

Where Is Swordfish Steak Sourced?

  • Our swordfish steaks are responsibly sourced from the deep waters off the coast of Panama.
  • This region is known for its abundant marine life, offering some of the highest quality seafood products available.

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Our supplier adheres strictly to sustainable fishing practices. They limit their catches to ensure the swordfish population can maintain healthy levels.
  • In addition, they also utilise circle hooks, which significantly reduce bycatch of non-target species.

Unique Selling Points of Our Swordfish Steaks:

  • Each of our swordfish steaks is individually inspected and hand-cut, ensuring consistent quality and size.
  • Apart from being a great source of protein, swordfish also provides important nutrients such as Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • The 200g Swordfish Steak contains approximately 175 calories.

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