Tantalising Tuna Steak in London

Savour Low-Calorie Tuna Steaks at Jarvis the Fishmonger

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Praised for its rich flavour, tuna is a star in various international cuisines. The delectable, hand-cut Tuna Steaks at Jarvis the Fishmonger are an epicurean’s delight. Famed for its pinkish meat and unique texture, it offers an unmatched eating experience. Whether seared or grilled, it provides a flavour-packed bite each time. Just like our other products, our Tuna steaks can also be picked up or delivered within 2-4 days. Uncover the special attributes of our tuna steaks:

History/Prestige of Tuna Steak

  • Tuna, a widely adored fish, has been fished in abundance across the world since ancient times due to its rich taste and healthy benefits.
  • Our premium Tuna Steaks have garnered a reputation for their robust flavour and premium quality. This wide and savoury variety of tuna has been praised and used by several top-tier chefs globally.

What Are the Flavour Notes of Tuna Steak?

  • The fresh and delectable Tuna Steaks from Jarvis have a rich, slightly sweet taste, tender yet firm texture, and are usually steak-like.
  • When properly cooked, these steaks possess an extraordinary savoury taste, melting delightfully on your tongue with hints of the natural, slightly salty seawater from which they originate.

What Pairs Well With Tuna Steak?

  • These Tuna Steaks make an exceptional pairing with fresh greens, capers, lemon, and extra-virgin olive oil. Our recipes page has more details for the perfect pairings.
  • Also, enjoy our Tuna Steaks with your favourite glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, or Chardonnay to elevate your dining experience.

Where Is Tuna Steaks Sourced?

  • Our Tuna Steaks are carefully sourced from the clean, pristine waters surrounding Seychelles.
  • Committed to the ethical procurement of fish, Jarvis strictly sources from local fishing fleets that respect international standards and local laws, ensuring both quality and responsibility.

Our Sustainability Practices

  • Jarvis the Fishmonger, diligently follows the best practices for responsible fishing to safeguard our oceans, fish stocks, and marine ecosystems.
  • Our fishers use a selective fishing method to catch Tuna to reduce the bycatch of non-target species and juvenile tuna, aiding in maintaining a balanced and thriving marine ecosystem.

Unique Selling Points of Our Tuna Steaks

  • Apart from being ethically sourced, our Tuna Steaks are individually quick-frozen to retain maximum freshness and flavour, ensuring a fresh-from-the-sea taste in every bite.
  • Our team of expert fishmongers precisely cut every tuna steak, prioritising the fish's freshness, structure, and superior quality. We deliver them straight to your doorstep in carefully managed temperatures so you enjoy top quality and unbeatable taste.

Tempting Tuna Steak Awaits You at Jarvis The Fishmonger

We are ready to serve your culinary needs at Jarvis the Fishmonger with fresh Tuna steaks or other seafood items. We operate from Tuesday to Saturday and offer pick-up and delivery services across London. You'll also find poultry, game, sauces, cookware, and a range of additional treats in the store. We’re open Tuesday through Saturday for both pickup and delivery. For information regarding availability and pricing, get in touch with us today!