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Crab is considered a seafood delicacy without a fishy aftertaste, making it popular among the masses. You won’t find better-tasting crabs anywhere in the world than those caught off South West England’s famed Cornwall and Devon coast. At Jarvis The Fishmonger, we carefully select the finest crabs to handpick fresh brown crab meat for our London-area customers. Brown crab meat is usually ready for pickup or delivery within 2-4 days. Come see what we have for you at our family-run fishmonger today!

History/Prestige: What Makes Brown Crab Meat a Delicacy?

Brown crab meat comes from the upper shell cavity of Cornish crabs. It’s less meaty than the white meat sourced from the crab’s claws and legs, often making it cheaper. Female crabs tend to have more brown meat than male crabs. Handpicking the meat helps preserve more of the robust “meaty” flavour. Brown crab meat has a unique pâté-like texture, making it an acquired taste for many. However, its bold, punchy flavour makes it perfect for sauces, stocks, and soups. Brown crab meat is a delicacy that can elevate any standard dish into an extraordinary meal fit for your family or dinner guests.

Crab meat is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals essential for your health, including B12, iron, selenium, and zinc. It’s rich in protein while being low-fat and low-carb. Omega-3 fatty acids give you energy and support many vital body systems, including the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. Brown crab meat is especially high in omega-3 because of its higher natural fat content, making it a healthy seafood choice to incorporate into your daily diet.

Brown Crab Meat Flavour Notes & Pairings to Try Tonight

Brown crab meat is delicious and ready to eat as-is, with its creamy, jelly-like texture spread over toast. You can also combine it with other fresh ingredients to create mouthwatering soups and appetisers. Brown crab meat is often described as sweet, and it pairs well with most full-body white wines, including Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. If you’re unsure how to prepare brown crab meat, our experts would be happy to help with cooking tips. Browse brown crab meat recipes and more on our website. Here are a few suggestions for enjoying brown crab meat to get you started:

  • Bruschetta
  • Bisques
  • Crab cakes
  • Curries
  • Dips
  • Salads
  • Pastas

Sustainability Practices: Where Do We Source Brown Crab Meat?

At Jarvis The Fishmonger, we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers in Billingsgate Market and along the coast to provide full traceability for the origins of our fish. Our family-run fishmonger has focused on responsible sourcing and sustainability practices for over 80 years to bring you the best quality seafood in the Kingston upon Thames area. Because crabs are highly fertile and reproduce rapidly, they’re one of the most sustainable seafoods found anywhere in the world. Crabs can be caught in pots off the Cornish coast, giving them the distinction of offering a low-impact fishing method. As a testament to their quality, we supply crabs to our own restaurants in Borough Market and Kingston.

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